Sylvanian News from UK

Here are some nre releases for June and July
Ice Skating Duo, BBQ & Camping AccessoriesDePembroke Corgi Baby Boy and Girl,Winter Sports Accessories, Woodland Picnic Set,  Folding Table & Chairs and DePembroke Corgi Family

Beaman Ginger Cat Family, TREEHOUSE,Campervan,Popcorn Wagon, Evie's Sleepover,Log Cabin, 
Skidoo & Figure Set andToilet Tent for Campervan.
Beaman Ginger Cat Baby

Beaman Ginger Cat Twins

September releases

Children's Playtime Furniture,  Dressing Up Set, Cycling Adventure,Children's Tea Party,
Beach Fun & Games, Rustic Cabin Kitchen, Cosy Cabin Living Room and Canoe & Figure Set

Pic: from and Amazon

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